PIG Cultural Personal Property Inheritance


The Foundation shall be active as is generally useful, and has as its purpose:

  • The acquisition and maintenance of the Klee Kodesj of the Portuguese-Israelite congregation of Amsterdam, namely ceremonial objects, artifacts necessary and/or used for that congregation's worship services and other religious activities, and objects for the decoration of the national monument of the Portuguese-Israelite synagogue including associated buildings located on the Mr. Visserplein in Amsterdam, belonging to the cultural inheritance of the Portuguese-Israelite congregation.
  • The acquisition and maintenance of the Ets Haim library in Amsterdam, of books and data-media belonging to Ets Haim in addition to other items of personal property, together forming the cultural inheritance of the Ets Haim library.
  • The assurance of maintenance, administration and public access of the aforementioned cultural inheritance of the Ets Haim library within the Portuguese-Israelite congregation.

The Foundation is non-profit and carries Culturele ANBI status.
It was established in July, 2007.


The Foundation “Ets Haim, Cultural Personal Property Inheritance of the Portuguese-Israelite Congregation” is the owner of the collection of the Ets Haim library – Livrarira Montezinos.

This involves a collection of 30,000 printed works and 500 manuscripts. In the 2012 annual report this collection was taken up into the balance sheet to preserve its memory. The collection was acquired by Ets Haim for a nominal 1 euro price on 26 January 2007. Ets Haim was responsible through 2008 for the administration of this collection. As of January 2009 responsibility for its administration was transferred to the Jewish Historical Museum even as ownership rights to the entire collection remained unchanged with Ets Haim.