The CEPIG holds the synagogue complex in hereditary tenure, while ownership of the ceremonial objects and the library has been assigned to the CEPIG. In part due to understandable fiscal considerations, the personal property belonging to this cultural inheritance has been transferred to a special foundation, namely the Stichting Ets Haim, Roerend Cultureel Erfgoed Portugees-Israƫlietische Gemeente. The statutes of both organizations are essentially the same, and prescribe that both foundations are to be administered by the same management. This guarantees uniformity of policy, decision-making and the carrying-out of those decisions. Where mention is made here of CEPIG, both foundations are actually indicated, unless explicitly denoted. The Beth Haim cemetery in Ouderkerk is the property of the CEPIG. Everything having to do with burials there falls under the responsibility of the Portuguese-Israelite Congregation (PIG). The David Henriques Foundation and Castro Fund take care of procuring the means for maintaining the cemetery's monument section, as well as for Beth Haim's daily administration.

Administration of the synagogue complex is delegated to the Jewish Historical Museum. The terms of this administration are set down in an agreement between CEPIG and the Jewish Historical Museum.